Top 05 Reasons Why Nutrition Is Important in Early Childhood

Top 05 Reasons Why Nutrition Is Important in Early Childhood

Nutrition is an aspect of health that is essential for the growth and development of the human body. Kids need healthy food to grow properly, thereby ensuring they can live up to better standards. 

Top 05 Reasons Why Nutrition Is Important in Early Childhood


A balanced diet will ensure that their body can be fully functional and they are at optimum levels of strength, fitness and mental well-being. Let’s understand why kids' nutrition is so important: 

Strong bones and teeth

Top 05 Reasons Why Nutrition Is Important in Early Childhood child

A child’s bones need calcium to develop properly. The right amount of calcium and other nutrients helps in keeping the bones strong, which improves tooth and bone development. 

Calcium is essential for building bone mass at maximum. A lack of calcium in the body can lead to low bone mineral density, which leads to weak bones and a higher risk of developing osteoporosis.

Tooth decay is a common problem in children. Poor oral hygiene is one of the main causes of this problem as it leads to poor dental health and problems like gingivitis or periodontal disease later in life when these teeth start decaying faster than normal.

Better brain function

Top 05 Reasons Why Nutrition Is Important in Early Childhood brain

Nutrition is the fuel that keeps your body going and is also a key part of keeping your body healthy. The brain is made up of about 2% of your total body weight, but it consumes 20% of your calories.

Nutritious food impacts the brain by helping to learn, memorize, increase the attention span and improve how one processes information. 

This is important because it helps individuals control impulses and promotes multitasking. It also provides nourishment to the brain and defends it from stress or anxiety.

Promotes Immunity 

Top 05 Reasons Why Nutrition Is Important in Early Childhood immunity

Nutrition is important for young children and helps them develop the right immune system to stay healthy. The immune system is made up of cells that make antibodies and cell-mediated immunity. Immunity is a process whereby the body’s immune system fights off disease, infections and other diseases.

Immune cells help in the production of T-cells, B-cells and Plasma Cells which produce substances that fight off infections, viruses and other diseases. These cells also help in the division and proliferation of immune cells.

Nutrients such as vitamin A help in activating B-cells which produce antibodies that fight diseases in your body. Vitamin D converts T-cells into killer cells which control viruses and bacteria in our body.

Vitamin E protects against oxidative damage to DNA resulting in mutations that cause cancer; thus it is essential for good health.

Better Mental Health 

Top 05 Reasons Why Nutrition Is Important in Early Childhood mind

Nutritious food is linked to better mental health. The more nutritious a child's diet, the lower their risk of depression, anxiety, or any emotional stress. Energy drinks as breakfast substitutes are associated with particularly low mental health scores or even lower for children with no breakfast at all. A habitual poor diet is independently associated with a greater likelihood of or risk for depression and anxiety according to studies. 

Omega-3 fatty acids are inversely related to anxiety disorders, people who consumed omega-3 fatty acids had lesser anxiety issues than others.  Children who eat healthy foods tend to have happier lives. They experience less stress and anxiety at school and in their social lives.

Better eyesight or skin

Top 05 Reasons Why Nutrition Is Important in Early Childhood eye


Nutrition plays a key role in the development of children's eyesight and skin. Omega 3 fatty acids found in high amounts in the retina help maintain eye function. According to research regular intake of omega-3 fatty acids reduced the risk for several eye diseases like cataracts, etc.

A deficiency of DHA impairs vision in children. A key component for the eye and brain during infancy helps with visual acuity later on in life. Children with low levels of DHA have been shown to have poorer eye-hand coordination which may affect their ability to learn new skills or even walk at all later on if not given adequate nutrients throughout childhood.


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