Save your lungs from an imminent air pollution scare

Save your lungs from an imminent air pollution scare

Save your lungs from an imminent air pollution scare

Air pollution has become a significant problem in our country. Air pollution causes multiple health issues. Breathing polluted air can harm the functioning of our lungs. However, with the correct knowledge, we can protect our health and those we care about the most. 

How air pollution affects the lungs

Save your lungs from an imminent air pollution scare affects

Air Pollution is a complicated mixture of gasses, dust, and particulate matter formed from transportation, including buses, trains, cars, and aeroplanes, as well as industrial and commercial activity. They are mainly affecting the lungs significantly.  

Air pollution affects the average growth and functioning of the lungs and increases the chances of lung cancer and Asthma. It causes multiple other health problems;

What are the reactions?

Save your lungs from an imminent air pollution scare reactions

The location of the particle's settling affects how the respiratory system reacts to it significantly. As an illustration, irritating dust in the nose can cause rhinitis, an inflammation of the mucous membrane. Inflammation of the trachea (tracheitis) or the bronchi (bronchitis) may be noticed if the particle targets the more significant airways.

The lung's deepest regions are where the most significant reactions take place.

Eliminated particles in the nose or throat usually end up in the sacs or toward the end of the airways. But if there is a lot of dust around, the macrophage system could malfunction. The accumulation of dust macrophages and dust particles in the lung tissues harms the lungs.

The severity of lung harm depends on the quantity and type of dust present. For instance, the macrophages that consume silica particles eventually die and release poisons. These compounds cause the formation of fibrous or scar tissue. The body typically repairs itself using this tissue. However, crystalline silica can cause so much fibrous tissue and scarring that it can impair lung function. Fibrosis is the medical term for this disorder, which causes the production of fibrous tissue and scarring. Fibrogenic particles are those that result in fibrosis or scarring. Silicosis is the medical term for fibrosis brought on by crystalline silica.

Steps to save your lungs from air pollution

Save your lungs from an imminent air pollution scare breath

The good news is that we may reduce our exposure to air pollution by using this practical advice:

  • Check your city's air quality in the morning before going outside before particle levels climb.

  • Ensure that your home has adequate ventilation and airflow. In the summer, keep windows open, and always ventilate areas after cooking and cleaning. Even consider getting a portable air purifier. 

  • If you have a range hood or kitchen fan, clean it sometimes.

  • Exercise between 10 am and 3 am, as the air is heavier when it is cold; you will end up breathing polluted air, so avoid exercising early in the morning or late at night.

  • People with chronic illnesses or respiratory diseases should get vaccinated against the flu.

  • Eat foods that are beneficial for lung function and remove toxins. Bliss Welness Lung Detox Cleanse Purify can support respiratory health and act as toxin removal. The unique combination of potent Ayurvedic herbs helps boost immunity and provide respiratory support.

  • In the house, avoid using agarbattis or incense. Do not use mosquito coils either. Use an air purifier in its place. However, because these are pricey, people should have a high-quality exhaust fan in their kitchen to prevent smoke from spreading throughout the house.

Keeping your lungs protected from air pollution may be as easy as following these tips.


To protect ourselves and future generations, we should reduce air pollution. Above mentioned steps will help to maintain your lung health. With bliss wellness lung detox, you can reduce damage and protect your lungs in addition to supporting digestive health and ridding your body of harmful toxins.


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Being healthy means keeping your body free from toxins!

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