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Bliss Welness

Bliss Welness CLA 2000 (Conjugated Lenoleic Acid) + L-Arginine Nitric Oxide & Caffeine 1400mg | Energy Gain Performance Pre & Post Workout Health Supplement 60 Capsules + 60 Tablets

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Key Features:
  • HIGH POTENCY FORMULA : Lean Bliss CLA ensures highest concentration (80% Purity) of biologically active CLA Isomers i.e. cis-9, trans-11 and trans-10, cis-12.
  • STIMULANT FREE WEIGHT MANAGEMENT : Lean Bliss CLA is beneficial for lean muscle mass development.
  • STRENGTH STAMINA & PERFORMANCE : L-Arginine is one of the most potent workout booster, the ultimate combo of L-Arginine & Caffeine helps support prolonged and intense workout sessions by elevating energy levels to give peak performance & build muscles effectively.
  • PRE/POST WORKOUT SUPPLEMENT : L-Arginine helps in Muscle Building, Increased Endurance & Increased Energy. It is also beneficial for better recovery after workouts.
  • MUSCLE FATIGUE REDUCTION : L-Arginine as a Nitric Oxide Booster helps increase blood flow in the body therefore effectively promoting faster recovery times, boost muscle growth & increase muscle density while reducing muscle fatigue.
  • OPTIMAL SUPPLEMENT FOR ATHLETES : L-Arginine supports the manufacturing of Creatine which supports energy production & Nitic Oxide synthesis to increase blood circulation that is highly beneficial for Body Builders, Power Lifters, Exercise Enthusiasts and Athletes.