A team of young & highly talented professors took up a very new subject : BIOTECHNOLOGY to be taught to students under the leadership of Neeraj Desai , a very passionate researcher.15 year later and with rigourous research efforts of many university professors & thousands of students, Bliss Lifesciences LLP Was formed with a vision“ Healthcare…… Not Sickcare! ˮWith research embibed in the core, powered by hundreds of Graduate & Post Graduate students pursuing Life Sciences in our affiliate Softvision Research Institute (A Govt. Of India Founded Research College), fresh flow of ideas is ensured for decades to come. The enthusiasm of academician students & enterprenures makes “ BLISS ˮ Products “The Holy Grail Of Health.”The idea of Pure, Natural & Vegan is the basis of thought at Bliss. Cutting edge in-house research, in-house process design & in-house manufacturing process makes “Bliss ˮ a winner all the way.Bliss has wide range of senior Doctors & Scientists with expertise in Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology , Chemistry & Life Sciences . We are keen to face all exciting challenges posed to us. Know for “Disruptive Innovationˮ in health & food supplement,Bliss is a young, vibrant and very enthusiastic organization committed to regularly give products & solution in healthcare & food fortification industry which shall be “ The Elixir Of Life ˮ