Vitamin E: An Elixir for Hair and Skin

Vitamin E: An Elixir for Hair and Skin

Vitamin E for Hair, Skin and Nails is considered to be the magic ingredient, making it a true elixir. Vitamin E primarily belongs to a 8 fat-soluble bundle of vitamins, known as tocopherols and tocotrienols. It has various great properties amongst which is, that it’s an antioxidant. This helps it in controlling cell damage and harmful free radical neutralisation.

Tocopherols are the most abundantly found vitamin E in the human body. The four subtypes of tocopherols are known as alpha, beta, delta, and gamma. Whereas, Tocotrienols are present in lesser quantities in the human body. Tocotrienols have same subtypes as Tocopherols.

Vitamin  E can be found in various products and food items, including:

Dietary Food items: Various fruits and vegetables, edible oils contain vitamin E, such as corn oil, almonds, olive oil, etc.

Oral supplements: Several over-the-counter oral vitamin E supplements are available in capsule form.

Topical vitamin E: These are products that can be applied to the skin such as moisturizers and serums.

Vitamin E has many Health Benefits, some of the main ones are:

1)   Promotes Hair Growth

2)   Shinier Hair

3)   Hair Scalp Health

4)   Immunity Booster

5)   Improved Nail Health

6)   Improved Skin Health

Research and studies suggest that on an average, men require a dosage of 4 mg a day and women for 3 mg per day.

Vitamin E: Hair Health

Vitamin E: An Elixir for Hair and Skin shine

 Hair fall is a commonly faced issue in both men and women. The changing times, lifestyle and changed eating habits have contributed to problems like hair fall, skin problems or brittle nails.

 When talking about Hair, a person normally loses an average of 100 hair strands each day. If a person loses a lot more than this, then it can be a cause for concern. Although hair fall is not a disease and can be reversed if taken care of from the beginning in most cases. There are several options for this, amongst which is taking Vitamin E capsules orally.

 As we know now that Vitamin E is a rich antioxidant, it can help reduce hair fall by repairing damaged hair follicles. It also helps prevent tissue corrosion, all in all ensuring that the hair follicles remain healthy. Thus, Vitamin E boosts hair growth by preventing hair loss and brittle hair due to increased blood circulation.

Vitamin E also contributes to bringing back the natural shine of your hair. It counters the exposure of UV rays when used regularly.

Vitamin E: Skin Health

Vitamin E: An Elixir for Hair and Skin health

When you think or talk about skincare, Vitamin E is usually the first thing that comes to mind. The varied benefits of Vitamin E make it a predominant ingredient in skincare. You will find it in serums and lotions and basically all skincare products.

Vitamin E is usually paired with Vitamin C in most of these skincare products because Vitamin E helps stabilize Vitamin C. Hence, making Vitamin E a part of your daily diet ensures a healthy and glowing skin in the long term. A large number of people choose supplements over food for the daily dosage of Vitamin E for convenience.

 Vitamin E has many known benefits, some of them as research suggests include:


·       May Prevent coronary Heart Diseases

·       Helps Prevent Inflammation

·       Promotes Eye Health

·       Helps support Immune Functions

 It is also known that adequate amounts of Vitamin E in the body can help in faster healing of wounds. Vitamin E also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin E: Immunity Booster

Vitamin E: An Elixir for Hair and Skin Immunity

Regular Intake of Vitamin E capsules amongst other things helps in boosting your immunity. A strong Immune Health will help decrease skin issues and scalp infections such as psoriasis, scalp pruritus or itchy scalp and also heavy hair loss. These issues are generally triggered by stress, among other things, hence it can help boost immunity by keeping stress under control.

 Vitamin E’s antioxidant characteristics help reduce what is also called as oxidative stress. It also helps in containing free radicals that cause damage to cells in the hair follicles that result in hair loss. Oxidative stress occurs in the human body when there is a disbalance between the ability to nullify the harmful effects of free radicals produced, with the help of antioxidants.

Vitamin E: Food and supplements


Vitamin E: An Elixir for Hair and Skin


Apart from topical application of Vitamin, it is quiet necessary to include Vitamin E rich foods in our daily diets through food and supplements. Various over the counter supplement options are available. One must always ensure to read labels to ensure that they choose the correct research backed fit for themselves. When buying a supplement quality of ingredients play a very vital role. Along with it comes the correct daily dosage.

 Some Vitamin E rich foods are:

·       Pomegranate Seeds

·       Sunflower seeds

·       Nuts

·       Spinach

·       Broccoli

·       Olive Oil

·       Avocado

So we can conclude that Vitamin E supplements should be an essential part of your daily haircare and skin care routines.

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